There’s A Spitfire Currently On Display In London Bridge Station

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Sitting in London Bridge station is probably the easiest mission this Spitfire has ever had, TBH.

Nope, TfL haven’t been beefing up their response to fare dodgers. It’s been 75 years since one of the most climactic battles in human history was fought – and to commemorate the D-Day landings, the Imperial War Museum have brought a little bit of history to London Bridge. Currently sitting in the concourse of London Bridge station is a replica Spitfire, an exact copy of the planes used in the Battle of Britain and the Normandy landings of WW2.

Photo: @imperialwarmuseums

The Supermarine Spitfire, to give it the full title, will be in place for the next week before being returned to its home at Duxford Airfield. During the D-Day landings, Spitfires provided vital air support to British and Canadian troops on the ground, earning a treasured place in British military history.

Photo: @jamielorriman

Imperial War Museums will be retelling the story of D-Day – fought on land, air, and sea – through a series of events at nearby HMS Belfast, the Churchill War Rooms, and at Duxford, from June 1st-9th. Should you happen to wander past the Spitfire this week, you can also pick up a copy of the IMW’s D-Day 75 newspaper, which gives an even deeper insight into the events of the landing.

Photo: @imperialwarmuseums

And just because we know you’re wondering: no, you can’t hop in the cockpit and make plane noises. Sorry!

Featured image: @sinisterpics

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