A New Outdoor Exhibition Will Be Illuminating London’s South Bank This Winter

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South Bank

South Bank’s newest art exhibition may be the light at the end of the 2020 tunnel.

To be honest, we’re still not over the fact that South Bank’s fabulously festive Christmas market has been cancelled this year. Covid is clearly the Grinch incarnate… Fortunately, the South Bank Centre has managed to soften the blow with the announcement of their new open-air exhibition, Winter Light. The exhibition will feature over fifteen commissions that’ll be dotted across the Southbank Centre’s buildings, as well as the iconic riverside walk. [Featured image: South Bank London]

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These artworks cover an array of themes including nature, politics, and gender, each using a combination of light, colour, and space to convey their message. Winter Light’s installations will arrive sporadically over the winter, with the first appearing today (November 20).

By mid-December, every commission will be on show, and they’ll be illuminating South Bank until February 28, 2021. The exhibition will be visible from dusk till dawn each day, making those dark winters days a whole lot brighter. And the best news is that it’s lockdown-friendly: all art will be outdoors, socially distanced, and completely free to view!

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Photo: @hayward.gallery

Winter Light will present a range of talented artists, each manipulating the medium of light in their own unique way. Keep an eye out for Katie Pierson’s dazzling disco ball, David Ogle’s multi-coloured neon canopy, and a series of epic videos projected onto the Royal Festival Hall building.

Other artists you’ll likely come across are Simeon Barclay, James Clar, Kota Ezawa, David Batchelor and Shezad Dawood. The author, Jini Reddy, has also produced a number of insightful writings addressing the seasonal variations of light, for the event. Who needs Christmas markets when you can visit the wonderful Winter Light exhibition?*

In other news, a huge Banksy exhibition will arrive in London next year.

*(We don’t mean that, please give us all the Christmas markets)

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