This Chilling Installation Will Recreate The Pollution In Different Cities

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Five sensory pods are being installed in the courtyard at Somerset House, and they will represent the pollution in different cities.

Visitors will start in Tautra, a small peninsula in Norway, which contains the cleanest air. This first pod will use Airlabs technology to remove all harmful gases, meaning the air will be totally – and noticeably – pure. The next four pods will emulate the polluted environments of London, Beijing, São Paulo and New Delhi. The air will be an accurate, yet safe, representation of what it’s like to breathe in the air in these cities.

The installation was designed and created by British artist Michael Pinsky, and it’s the first time these pods will come to the UK. Once inside the pods, there will be screens with stats about the air you’re breathing in, so you’ll be able to compare them. For example, London’s air doesn’t quite meet the World Health Organisation’s recommended standard, but it still significantly cleaner than New Delhi’s.

You’ll find the Pollution Pods at Somerset House (WC2R 1LA) between 18–24th April. It is free to visit.  

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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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