The Glamorous Savoy Hotel Has Its First-Ever Outdoor Dining Terrace, And Boy Is It Fancy

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A wide view of Solas, the opulent, floral-inspired dining terrace at The Savoy Hotel.

Solas brings floral flair and fresh seafood to The Savoy’s opulent courtyard.

2020 & 2021 have seen a lot of firsts, not all of them particularly pleasant. But when one of the capital’s (indeed, the world’s) best-known hotels embraces the seasonal pop-up trend for the first time ever, we’re calling that a very good first. The Savoy has welcomed a new outdoor dining space called Solas to the historic Savoy Court, which marries colourful floral bursts to the Art Deco elegance of the hotel in order to create this summer’s must-visit dining destination.

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Photo: CPG Photos

Though The Savoy has been standing since 1889, this marks their first foray into pop-up dining. Solas has been created in partnership with Bowmore Whisky, and the lavish decor has been planned by creative experimentalist Meredith O’Shaughnessy, who’s been given quite the fancy canvas to work with. Nodding to the hotel’s Edwardian and Art Deco features, Solas is styled as a twenties-style speakeasy, the centrepiece of which is a chandelier of grasses, branches, and flowers, and festooned with hanging crystal decanters.

Such eye-catching flair is hard to miss, especially since Solas now occupies the hotel’s grand entrance. As O’Shaughnessy puts it, the “speakeasy style lounge […] oozes with opulence, elegance and style”, and we certainly aren’t going to disagree with that. The theme has been carefully chosen; Solas comes from the Gaelic word for light, joy, and comfort, all of which you’re likely to find in abundance here.

Creative director Meredith O’Shaughnessy. Photo: CPG Photos

If the floral chandelier is the highlight above eye level, the highlight on the ground is the spectacular raw seafood bar, piled high with fresh, responsibly-sourced seafood. It complements a menu filled with the bounties of the sea; an oyster luge, lobster rolls, and blue shrimp ceviche are amongst the other dishes you’ll find here. Cocktails are equally enticing, with my eyes firmly fixed on the Golden Eye, a whisky-based tribute to England’s most famous secret agent.

The space is open now, with reservations available seven days a week from 4-10pm. However, Solas, much like summer’s lease, hath all too short a date. It’s only sticking around until June 21, so you’ll want to get in early if you’re planning to feast and drink in one of the most breathtaking pop-ups of 2021!

Find Solas at The Savoy Hotel, Strand, WC2R 0EZ. Nearest stations are Charing Cross and Temple.

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