Snap Some Rather Pretty Snowdrops In Chelsea This Weekend

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Galloping galanthus! The snowdrops are taking over Chelsea this weekend.

Are you smitten with snowdrops? Well you’re in luck, because the smashing snowdrop spectacular is returning to the Chelsea Physic Garden this weekend. On Saturday 26th January, the Garden will throw open its doors for their annual ‘Heralding Spring‘ event and welcome you to gawk at some rather charming flowers. As the pictures prove, its a lovely place to get back to nature, whilst handily prettifying your Instagram feed…

Photo: @perry_ruocco

January, being its usual grey, cold, and joyless self, isn’t the most enervating time, so these beauties are a welcome diversion.

Photo: @hello_elorgr

Normally the first flowers to bloom each year, the arrival of snowdrops is the surest sign that spring is coming. At the 340-year old Chelsea Physic Garden (coincidentally, the oldest botanical garden in the capital), you’ll get an excellent opportunity to check out some seriously swish snowdrops.

Photo: @totosannus

The snowdrop trail is the highlight of the Heralding Spring season, but the Garden will also host a program of guided walks, talks, and workshops, all in celebration of Spring.

Photo: @littlelondonwhispers

It begins on January 26th, so if you fancy dashing through the snowdrops, get thyself over to Chelsea – or if you’re West London-averse, the evergreen Kew Gardens will boast a rival display from around this time.

Photo: @curiouscatvaska

The snowdrop storm is merely the start of London’s annual transformation from grim and grey to fabulously flowery. Spring is around the corner, and we’ve got a neat little London flower guide to help you see the best blossoms in town. After all, January can’t last forever!

Find the Chelsea Physic Garden at 66 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, SW3 4HS. Nearest station is Sloane Square.

Featured image: @hello_elorgr

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