It Seems To Have Snowed Everywhere In The UK Except London…

Ivy Richardson Ivy Richardson

Snow UK

Just let it snow already!

Cities all over the UK have been blessed with sheets of snow and London is yet to receive the memo. We dreamed of a white Christmas and our prayers were not answered. Now we have to watch on the sidelines as other cities turn into winter wonderlands and we have all the cold and absolutely nothing to show of it. Snow is expected to continue falling “in almost every part of the country” over the next few days (except London, of course). So in the meantime, we’ll be living vicariously through these photos.

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1. Manchester

2. Birmingham

3. Glasgow

4. Newcastle

5. Edinburgh

6. Leeds

7. Nottingham

It’s also turned England’s prettiest villages into gorgeous snowscapes…

And even our pals over in Dublin have had some!

Seriously, sort it out, weather gods.

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