Sir David Attenborough Fronts Campaign To Save London Zoo

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Sir David Attenborough Fronts Campaign To Save London Zoo

London Zoo have found themselves the perfect leader to front their campaign to save the beloved attraction.

Fresh from teaching Geography to the nation over lockdown, naturalist and national treasure Sir David Attenborough is here to save the famous spot from “extinction”. The Planet Earth presenter is leading the charge to raise millions for London Zoo, which is at risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sir David Attenborough is helping to raise £12 million for London Zoo and its sister site, Whipsnade Zoo. Both sites were forced to close their doors for twelve weeks during Britain’s lockdown. Money raised by Sir David Attenborough and co. is going towards a larger £25 million package to save both sites.

“Put bluntly, this national institution is now, itself, at risk of extinction,” are the words of Sir David Attenborough in his appeal to the public in The Sunday Times.

“What happens if you can’t raise the money to keep the animals?” he continues. “What happens if you can’t afford the food? Are we supposed to put them down?

“The immediate prospect of the zoo going financially bust is too awful to think of. Are we, or are we not, a civilised community that it can’t support a zoo?”

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Both zoos reopened last week following the government’s advice. However, due to the loss of income and current visitor restrictions, there remains a fear that the sites could go bust. London Zoo alone takes on a £43,500 monthly food bill for its 18,000 animals.

Under new social-distancing laws, London Zoo is permitted to allow 2,000 visitors in at one time, compared to its usual 19,000 person capacity. Whipsnade is allowed to hold 3,000, compared to its usual 18,000.

Zoological Society of London (ZSL) are the organisers of this campaign. They are a charity that focuses on bettering the lives of animals.

You can donate to ZSL and Sir David Attenborough’s campaign here.

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