You Can Get Sir David Attenborough Doughnuts In Honour Of Earth Day

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Attenborough doughnuts

Of all the honours bestowed upon Sir David Attenborough, these doughnuts may be the most delicious…

Earth Day might be over for another year, but the fight to make Earth a cleaner, greener, more habitable place for all continues. And for a limited time only, you can help achieve that goal whilst also furnishing yourself with doughnuts, courtesy of Doughnut Time’s latest release. Not just any old doughnuts, either: these bear the likeness of none other than national treasure and living legend Sir David Attenborough! [Featured image: @doughnuttime_uk]

As tributes to the great man go, this is easily the tastiest one we’ve yet encountered. The Earth Day pack contains three varieties of vegan doughnut, of which the highlight is the ‘Sir David’ – classic dough dipped in a glaze, drizzled in vanilla, topped with blue sprinkles, and adorned with a fondant likeness of the famed naturalist. The other two are equally delicious, with the ‘Mr Worldwide’ sporting a blue-green vanilla glaze akin to the continents and oceans of Earth, and the ‘Brother Nature’ boasting a chocolate glaze, sugar flowers, and Oreo crumb.

Still, the toppings and flavours aren’t even the best bit of Doughnut Time’s Earth Day promotion, as 10% of sales are being donated directly to Sir David’s most beloved charity, the World Land Trust. This conservation charity works to protect threatened habitats across the globe, and picking up a pack of doughnuts is a delicious and easy way to help. Of course, that’s before you face the moral quandary of whether to eat a national treasure or not…

You can order the Earth Day doughnuts here.

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