This Official ‘Sherlock’ Escape Game Is Now Open In London

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This Official ‘Sherlock’ Escape Game Is Now Open In London

Sharpen your wits for this fiendishly fun Sherlock game, created by the team behind the show.

If you’re the kind of person who finds pub quizzes a little too simple, we’ve found something to test your wits. The first ever Sherlock-themed immersive game takes place in west London, giving budding detectives a chance to get a proper brain workout. Grab your deerstalker and head to 221b Baker Street (not the real one!) to solve a most curious case, in Sherlock: The Game Is Now.

Psst! There’s even a delicious cocktail bar where you can put your feet up after a hard day’s sleuthing – find your tickets to that one here!


Facing a crime wave, London needs the help of a certain ‘high-functioning sociopath.’ The only problem is, he’s gone missing, and the task of finding him has fallen to the heroes no-one asked for: you lot. Across the course of a 90-minute game, you’ll hunt high and low for clues, solve puzzles, and shout ‘Elementary!’ a lot, in a custom-built venue in Shepherd’s Bush.

Oh, and this game isn’t the devilish creation of criminal mastermind Moriarty – it’s actually been put together by the team behind the BBC show.

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Yep, this is a challenge with some serious pedigree. Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have written the script, and the game unfolds across some very familiar-looking rooms, including 221b Baker Street, which is where the game begins (much like all good Sherlock cases). Meanwhile, the puzzles have been dreamt up by the folks at Time Run, who operate one of the most devious escape rooms in the city. You know you want to try it – after all, Holmes is where the heart is!

Al Overdrive

Pair your investigative adventures with a trip to The Mind Palace: an immersive Sherlock-inspired cocktail experience that’s attached to the escape room. Here you’ll be challenged to defeat the maniacal mind of Sebastian Moran—Moriarty’s right-hand man—by creating the perfect cocktail. Do you have what it takes? Get involved

Sherlock The Game Is Now

👉 Get your tickets to ‘The Game Is Now’ here.

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