The Secret London Guide To The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich

The Secret London Guide To The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out

Oh, yes, it’s Ladies’ Night and the feeling’s right because Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and all that.

Rip off your comfy PJs, don your finest frock and put on ALL THE CLICHÉD GIRL POWER SONGS, because it’s time to hit the town with your Taylor Swift-style squad and paint it red. We’ve come up with a few suggestions for a night – ok, it’s really more like a day – that your nearest and dearest will never forget. Unless of course their hangovers get the best of them…


12pm: Brunch at Aster

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We noticed during our visit that it’s already rather in vogue to brunch with your best girlfriends at Aster; so we thought it was the perfect place to kick off your girly Saturday. Their Nordic-inspired brunch is divine, decor is fabulously floral and you can even add bottomless rosé or prosecco to your meal for a mere £15. Can’t go wrong.


2pm: Shop on Victoria Street

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For some mysterious reason the House of Fraser on Victoria Street is a miraculous haven of calm. Even on a Saturday you’ll be able to walk down this central London shopping street without wanting to murder the next person that bumps into you. Conveniently located right next to Aster, it’s the perfect place to work off all the food you just ate and make some poor Prosecco Influenced Purchases. PIP: it’s a real problem.


4pm: Test your skills (and probably your friendship) at HintHunt‘s escape room

Ok, so this one is fairly interchangeable. If you’re not into group bonding activities and would prefer to go for a stressful stroll along Oxford Street then be our guest, but we think you’ll enjoy this more. Plus, in-between all the alcohol pitstops we reckon it’s a good idea to work out your brain a bit, as well as your liver. Solve the clues as a team and you’ll escape the room feeling even more elated than you did after you finished your third glass of bottomless rosé at Aster.


6pm: Cocktail Masterclass at Mews of Mayfair

Cocktail making is probably the ultimate girls night out activity and this class is a thumpin’ goodun’. You’ll need a few drinks to steady your nerves after the high-octane thrills of the escape room, after all. The class lasts an hour and gives you the chance to make and drink a few classic cocktails alongside a flair cocktail making demo and nibbles. You can book your tickets here.


9pm: Yet more cocktails at Tonight Josephine

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You’re probably starving by now, so you’re going to want to grab a Boots meal deal at Waterloo before hitting this next hotspot. This sassy cocktail bar has a kick-ass femme fatale vibe like no other. An all-round excellent spot to discuss the writing of Simone De Beauvoir and Gloria Steinem over a cocktail, or two.


11pm: Party at fabric

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Pretty self explanatory. Dance dance dance!


Whatever time you stumble out of Fabric: Breakfast at Duck & Waffle

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Head up to the 40th floor for a 24 hour food fix like no other. We chose fabric specifically so you’d be able to get to this place fairly quickly once you and your mates decide it’s time for a post-lash, food feast pick-me-up. This place doesn’t disappoint when it comes to food with a view. Trust us, their late night menu will certainly sort you out.


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