Go Undercover This Summer At Secret Cinema’s Bond-Themed Experience

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Secret Cinema are back, with a real Bond-ing experience.

Secret Cinema are a rather elusive bunch at the best of times, but their latest experience is likely to make them even secretive. For their next immersive cinema screening, they’re entering the world of covert operations with a James Bond themed experience. From June 19th, 2019, they’ll launch a thrilling new show, complete with big-budget production values. As anyone who’s been to a Secret Cinema show will testify, it’s a unique night out – and this time, they’ve got A Licence To Kill.*

Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale - POSTER ARTWORK

On the big screen for this experience is Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s first foray into the high-stakes world of espionage. Being Secret Cinema, though, what happens on the ground is just as important as what happens on the screen. As eager volunteers, you’ll be On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as part of ‘Operation Wild Card’, ready to serve queen and country. Given a briefing that’s For Your Eyes Only, you’ll join either Q Branch or M Branch, and be given an alias, dress code, and character suggestions.

With an audience of 1500 taking part each night, Casino Royale makes for Secret Cinema’s largest indoor event yet. A secret London location will undergo a similar transformation, becoming the thrilling playground of spies, rogue agents, and femme fatales. Naturally, you’ll need to blend in – after all, it determines whether you Die Another Day or get A View To A Kill (your own). Because The World Is Not Enough, actors, live music, and artists will bring the experience to life, adding further intrigue to this unforgettable cinematic experience.

You’ll need to be suave and smart to make it through the evening, so don’t take your GoldenEyes off the prize. Tickets to Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale will go on sale at midday on December 6th, and start at £40. They’ll go quickly, so get your Goldfingers on them before the Spectre of regret hangs over you. And remember, watching Bond at home is just a Quantum of Solace in comparison…

*not literally, of course.

For more information, including ticket info, check out their website.

Alex Landon

Alex Landon

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