This Extremely Extra Brunch Is Returning For A Wild Weekend Bash

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Secret Brunch

It’s official: Secret Brunch throw One Hell Of A Party.

I’ll be honest with you, I never really expected the end of the world to look like this much fun. But Secret Brunch, the undercover party lovers, are gathering the London tribes on May 18th for a post-apocalyptic soiree, filled with music, dance, and outlandish costumes. Intrigued? We’ve got more details coming up, but you can grab tickets here if you’re already sold.

Secret Brunch

For the past nine years, Secret Brunch have thrown wildly extravagant themed parties in stunning locations, and they’ve got a birthday in the offing. To celebrate the ninth anniversary of these totally extra brunches, they’re taking over a Victorian town hall reborn from the ashes. After the world came crashing to an end at their last party, they’re inviting you to join them and a whole host of other tribes, to rise – phoenix-like – into a new world.

Yes, you will need to bring your A-game for this one. The dress code implores you to style yourself “as a walking piece of art, dressed to survive” – basically, it’s like an underground, dystopian version of the Met Gala, so let your imagination run completely wild and you’ll have the right idea:

Secret Brunch

The venue will offer a variety of grab and go bites to keep you fuelled during this tribal revival. Speaking of which, the theme doesn’t just extend to the clothes; tribal house is the music of choice, and a gallery of colourful art will surround the massive dancefloor. Guess it’s time to party like the world is ending!

Find your tickets to Secret Brunch here.

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