An Epic Sicilian Food And Wine Festival Is Hitting London In 2020

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An Epic Sicilian Food And Wine Festival Is Hitting London In 2020

Say arrivederci to holiday envy at SicilyFEST this summer.

Winter may currently have us in its icy grip, but we’ve found a way to cure your blues! It comes in the shape of SicilyFEST: a three day celebration of all things Sicilian taking place on May 29th, 30th, and 31st. Hosted by PopUpMarketSicily, this wholesome festival is returning to The Boiler House on Brick Lane, transforming the venue into a gorgeous summery, Sicilian landscape – and you can nab yourselves some tickets here.

If you’re a big foodie, you’ll feel right at home here. That’s right, you can expect to be munching on some of the finest cannoli, arancini, pizza, pasta, preserves, and many more Italian delicacies. There’ll also be loads of fine wine and beers to wash down your Sicilian samples!

This year’s theme has been inspired by traditional Sicilian playing cards, which were supposedly introduced by Arabs in medieval times. They’re a common staple at Sicilian gatherings, provoking mirth, friendly competition, and even a proverb or two. If previous iterations of SicilyFEST are anything to go by, you can also expect live music, free masterclasses from Italian chefs, and even special exhibitions.

Who needs a holiday when you can visit a strip of Sicily right here in London? Find your tickets here!

Location: The Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane, E1 6RU. Nearest station is Shoreditch High Street. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Friday May 29th, 4:30-11pm, Saturday May 30th, 11am-11pm, and Sunday May 31st, 11am-9pm. 
Price: tickets are just £2.50, grab them through Fever.

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