London’s Newest Pizzeria Has Opened Inside A Luxury Car Showroom

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Santa Maria

If you’d drive all night for a slice, head to Santa Maria’s new joint in Brentford.

Italy has given the world many great things, amongst them Ferraris and pizza. But frustratingly, those two don’t usually appear at the same time (unless you’re the right combination of hungry and wealthy, of course) – or at least they didn’t, until Santa Maria got involved. The west London pizza maestros (whom we reckon are some of the best around) have opened a new joint in Brentford, and since it’s their fourth venture, they’ve elected to have it stand out from the rest by setting it up inside a luxury car showroom. [Featured image: @santamariapizza]

Yes, car dealership Duke of London now has pepperonis and margheritas to go with an enviable range of Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and other classic cars. Santa Maria have set up their wood-fired oven at the back of the showroom, and it’s now open for deliveries, as shown in this delightfully quirky announcement video:

All of Santa Maria’s stupidly good pizzas are available to order, and when lockdown restrictions are lifted and we’re able to visit restaurants again, they’ll have seating for 30 people who’d like to pair their pizza with a side of classic automobiles. Meanwhile, next door’s riverside pub The Brewery Tap, which is run by the same family as Duke of London, will also feature a Santa Maria food and drink menu upon reopening. Since car showrooms can reopen on June 1, I can’t help but think is this a canny method of getting ahead of the restaurant game – or perhaps a business masterstroke targeting those who’re prone to popping out for a pizza and returning with a classic Jaguar (as one does). Just please remember not to feast and drive, OK?

You can find Santa Maria Brentford on Deliveroo (delivering to addresses in Brentford, Ealing, Kew, Richmond, and Isleworth), and we’ll keep you updated about paying a visit to the restaurant.

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