This Spooky Witches Ball Is The Only Halloween Soiree You Need This Year

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Salem Witches Ball

As Halloween parties go, the Salem Witches Ball is absolutely witchin’.

Let’s get one thing straight – there is no one archetypal witch, hunched over a cauldron and chanting about bat wings. Witches can be everyone from Elphaba to Mildred Hubble, from the Sanderson Sisters to Sabrina Spellman, and you’ll get your chance to be the unique witch you are at the stunning Salem Witches Ball, arriving in London on October 26th. Read on for all the spooky details, or grab your tickets here.

Salem Witches Ball

As you’d expect from a ball, you’re expected to bring your A game costume-wise. Think macabre, elegant, and jaw-dropping, because there will be prizes for the best dressed (fingers crossed for a speedy new broomstick)! You won’t be the only one dressed to the nines, however, as the usually elegant Grace Hall gets a wonderfully witchy makeover in honour of All Hallows Eve.

Salem Witches Ball

The spectacular venue will be filled with cobwebs, tarot card readers, and even some resident witches who’ll no doubt be thrilled to see a rival coven descending on their lair. Meanwhile, that giant bat will be watching over proceedings, and generally scaring the living bejesus out of everyone present.

Salem Witches Ball

A delicious welcome potion will get you ready to party, and there’s also an epic playlist in the offing, with the White Heart House Band playing covers from Daft Punk, The Killers, and Kool & The Gang, along with a slate of Halloween classics. To stave off the forces of the occult, you can also expect disco and pop classics to make an appearance later in the night. And of course, at the night’s end, you can make a suitably on-trend departure aboard a mysterious, subterranean escape route – we call it the Night Tube…

Find your tickets to The Salem Witches Ball here.

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