‘Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza’ Have Just Opened Their First London Restaurant

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‘Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza’ Have Just Opened Their First London Restaurant

Give us a pizza this.

Now, if you happen to follow our dear UK sister sites Secret Birmingham, Secret Liverpool and, in particular, Secret Manchester, you might have noticed a slight trend. They’re absolutely obsessed with this spot called Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza.

Seriously, pop “Rudy” into the search bar of Secret Manchester, and you’ll see truly spectacular levels of pizza obsession. When reached for comment, Secret Manchester editor Laura summed up the levels of obsession thusly: “if I could mail it to you I would, it’s like crack”.

While this jesting from the ol’ work chat probably won’t be making the Rudy’s advertising board any time soon, you get the general idea from that sales pitch (of sorts)…

Since 2015, when Rudy’s was born in the north of England, us Londoners have (rather shamefully) watched on like spoiled children as everyone bangs on about this place. We sat in the corner – as more Rudy’s restaurants opened in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool; even venturing as far south as Birmingham – grumbling about London not getting a slice of the action.

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Well, our prayers (sulks, more like) have actually been answered. The famous Rudy’s Pizza have finally decided to serve their heavenly pizza in the heart of Soho, taking on the old site of Wahaca on Wardour Street.

As you’d expect, the aforementioned love shown to Rudy’s by our Secret Media Family isn’t the only passionate critical acclaim they’ve received. Recently, it was named as the 20 best pizzerias in the world by Big Seven, as well as taking the crown of best in the UK on TripAdvisor. So, if you don’t believe us, believe them… I guess.

In the eyes of Rudy’s, Neapolitan pizza is the best in the world. Judging by the mere site of their concoctions, can you really argue with that? Their dough is made fresh each day using Caputo ‘00’ flour which has been left to ferment for at least 24 hours. Plus, their fine ingredients are imported twice a week from Naples, meaning you’re getting pretty damn close to an authentic Italian pizza-eating experience. In these times of limited travel, you could do a lot worse than dining on their mouth-watering doughy goodness, that’s for sure.

Megan Bews, General Manager of Rudy’s Soho said: “I’m really excited about moving down to London and getting to know the city. It won’t be long before we are able to fire up the oven and serve delicious Neapolitan Pizza. As a team we can’t wait to meet the locals and neighbours and become part of Soho life.”

Rudy’s Soho is now officially open for business, and you can find more info here. Buon appetito!

In other news, a glorious outdoor pizza and tequila bar has popped up in west London.

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