Royal Museums Greenwich Have Donated A Load Of Protective Clothing To The NHS

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Royal Museums Greenwich

Greenwich’s collection of museums are pitching in with the NHS efforts.

We’ve always liked Greenwich. And now, we’ve got cause to like it even more, because Royal Museums Greenwich have found a way to help the NHS fight coronavirus. They’ve dug up some boxes of protective equipment from the storeroom, and have shipped them out to local NHS trusts in order to help protect doctors, nurses, and support staff working on the front line of the coronavirus outbreak. (Featured image: @royalmuseumsgreenwich)

The protective equipment is usually worn whilst dealing with sensitive objects from the museums’ collections, but will now be pressed into service for a more urgent cause. Not content with running the Cutty Sark, Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum, and Queen’s House, the museum group is now actively working to save lives. Excellent work!

They’re not the only ones doing good – Glastonbury have donated all their medical supplies for the cancelled 2020 festival to emergency services.

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