Rooftop Film Club Is Calling On London Cinemas To Join With Pride Screening

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The outdoor cinema experts at Rooftop Film Club are calling on all cinemas in London to join them in screening 2014’s British comedy-drama ‘Pride’ on the last day of Pride in London, Sunday 26th June, and to donate their proceeds to both Stonewall UK and the victims of the Pulse shootings in Orlando. RFC is incredibly proud to support Stonewall in their fight for acceptance without exception. In light of this weekend’s devastating news from Orlando, the team wants to not only continue their support of Stonewall, but also encourage fellow cinemas to follow suit. Rooftop Film Club Director Gerry Cottle Jnr said: “Inspired by the love and positivity we’ve seen on display in London this week, we’re paying tribute to Orlando and the LGBT community the best way we know how – with movies. Now we’re asking fellow cinemas to do the same.”

Louise Smith, Director of Fundraising at Stonewall, also stated that: “The tragedy in Florida has highlighted how much work there is to do before we can say that every lesbian, gay, bi and trans person is accepted without exception. The fight is not over and in the aftermath of this horrific hate crime it is important that as many people as possible understand the issues that face the LGBT community.  At Stonewall we believe role models can help inform people, and change hearts and minds. They give confidence to young LGBT people who may be feeling alone, and they can help create inclusive environments. A film that exemplifies the power of role models, as well as celebrating the role of allies, is Pride.” You can follow their campaign on Twitterand if you are a cinema and want to get involved, get in touch! A great night for a great cause.

All profits will go to Stonewall, the victims and victims’ families from Orlando. Keep up the good work guys!

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