15 Romantic Films On Netflix That’ll Have You Feeling The Love This Valentine’s

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Romantic films

The best romantic films on Netflix to warm your ice-cold heart this Valentine’s!

Whether you’re hiding from gooey couples this Valentine’s, or having a cheap night in with your beau thanks to lockdown – here’s your ultimate guide to getting into the spirit of Cupid this Valentine’s day. Who knows, maybe you’ll even shed a tear or two into your reduced box of Thornton’s with these lovely romantic films.

1-3. To All The Boys

Credit: Netflix

Three for the price of one here! Following the major success of Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, based on the book of the same name, Lara Jean returned with more romantic mishaps and love triangles in To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. And just today (February 12), the final part of the trilogy – To All The Boys: Always And Forever – dropped on Netflix, sending us soaring into Valentine’s Day on a wave of young love. Lara and those love letters, eh?

4. La La Land

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Academy award-winning La La Land swept film fans and critics off their feet when it premiered back in 2016, and it still has us swooning to this day. The musical drama follows Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) as they try to make it in Hollywood while preventing their relationship from falling apart. The film has an outstanding soundtrack, with a fair few tear-jerking and loving moments that’ll have you wondering if love is really dead after all.

5. About Time

Credit: Translux

One of the finest rom-coms to come out of the UK literally ever, About Time is a truly heartwarming story about two people who fall in love, and, well… time travel. When Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) meets Mary (Rachel McAdams), he tries to win her heart using the gift of time travel that he’s inherited from his father, however as life goes on, he begins to realise his talent can’t shield him from all the trials and tribulations that naturally come with life. Oh, and did we mention Bill Nighy is in it?

6. Dear John

Credit: Screen Gems

It wouldn’t be a list of romantic movies without this one, would it? Dear John was a phenomenon upon its release in 2010 – with women everywhere pining for Channing Tatum (nothing new there then!). After falling in love with Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), John (Channing Tatum) is called back on duty as a soldier for the US army, keeping in touch with his beau through letters over the years while he’s away. Unfortunately for John, though, sh*t happens, and long-distance relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

7. Chalet Girl

Credit: UK Film Council

An underrated rom-com, to say the least, Chalet Girl follows former skateboarding champ Kim (Felicity Jones) face a number of predicaments at her new catering job – from falling in love with the hot son in the family she works for (Ed Westwick) to getting involved with a snowboarding championship with fierce competition. It’s a whole load of alpine-themed drama and we’re fully here for it and it’s Britishness.

8. Notting Hill

Credit: Polygram Filmed Entertainment

Because no rom-com list is complete with Julia Roberts on there, Notting Hill just had to make an appearance. The classic film – which stars the queen of rom-coms herself alongside reigning 90s king Hugh Grant – follows a small bookshop owner, who’s shocked to find Hollywood starlet Anna walk through his door one day. The pair fall in love, but it’s a bumpy road thanks to their completely contrasting lives. Fantastic performance from Rhys Ifans, as always, too.

9. Set It Up

Credit: Netflix

A new, but a strong contender for a great, easy-to-watch rom-com, Set It Up sees two underpaid assistants come together when they realise their insufferable bosses would be perfect for each other. Will the plan work? Will they fall in love? So. Many. Questions. This Netflix original movie stars Lucy Liu, Glen Powell, Zoey Deutch and Taye Diggs.

10. Falling Inn Love

Credit: Netflix

The perfect easy-watching cheesy rom-com for those well-versed with romantic movies, Christina Milian stars as San-Fran city girl Gabriela in this Netflix original, who spontaneously wins a competition for an inn in New Zealand (yeah, we know) after a big break up. But when Gabriela arrives in NZ, not everything is as it seems. Will she move on from her broken heart and fall ‘inn’ love with New Zealand? You probably know the answer already.

11. The Ugly Truth

Romantic films
Credit: Columbia Pictures

One from the archives of when Gerald Butler dominated the world of romance (and many women’s dreams), The Ugly Truth is your typical (yet enjoyable) girl-meets-boy, girl-and-boy-hate-each-other love story with a heartwarming happy ending and a ton of laughs along the way. A sure-fire easy watch for a lockdown Valentine’s Day.

12. Hitch

Romantic films
Credit: Colombia Pictures

Released in Will Smith’s prime (and also starring Eva Mendes), Hitch tells the story of a professional dating expert who helps men meet their perfect woman. He has a high success rate for everyone else, but he finally meets his own match when a gossip columnist questions everything he thinks he knows about love.

13. Blended

Romantic films
Credit: Happy Madison Productions

A surprisingly enjoyable rom-com which sees Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore team up once again, Blended is about two single parents who don’t particularly get along, but conveniently find themselves on the same holiday together thanks to their mutual friends. Can the two families live in harmony for the duration of their luxury trip? Or will they tear each other’s hair out before the fun is over?

14. Long Shot

Romantic films
Credit: Lionsgate UK

Unlikely duo Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen star in Long Shot, a brilliant comedy about a presidential candidate who takes a chance on a risky journalist to help out with her campaign. The pair are faced with a number of obstacles during their work together – many of which rear their head as a result of their conflicting lifestyles and backgrounds. You know how the story goes…

15. Always Be My Maybe

Romantic films
Credit: Netflix

Known as that comedy that Keanu Reeves famously shows up in, Always Be My Maybe is incredibly underrated. The comedy stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as two childhood best friends who part ways after high school and end up living completely different lives. Sasha (Wong) becomes a highly successful celebrity chef, while Marcus (Park) stays home to help his dad out with his work. When the pair reconnect after 15 years, sparks begin to fly – except their new lives don’t quite complement one another. It’s a princess and the pauper kind of situation (again), but it’s very funny and actually one of Netflix’s best so far.

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