Don’t Panic, But 100 Warplanes Will Be Flying Over London Next Week

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RAF 100 Flypast 2018

It’s not WW3! The RAF are celebrating their 100th anniversary with an epic flypast over London.

Watch the skies on Tuesday, July 10: at 1pm an almighty strike force will come screaming over central London. [Header photo: @RAFPhotographers]

Red Arrows London
Photo: @rafredarrows

While the odd military helicopter or even a Red Arrows display for Queen Liz isn’t uncommon in London, Tuesday’s event is on another scale altogether, with over 100 aircraft in formation buzzing the capital.

London Flypast RAF 100
Photo: SAC Andy Masson

Typhoon, Tornado and Lightning fighter jets will join Puma attack helicopters, huge refuelling tankers, transport aircraft and airborne reconnaissance among others, in a pigeon-perturbing event that might, to the uninformed, look a bit like Shit Is Kicking Off.

Along with the best and baddest of the RAF’s current aerial technology, carefully restoredvintage aircraft will also be taking part, including Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancasters from World War 2.

RAF Flypast Planes To See

Lots to see, then – and lots of places to watch it from, too! The planes will be flying in a straight route over east London, passing over Leyton, Hackney, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, the City, the West End and along the Mall to Buckingham Palace, where the Royal Fam will be looking on. This ‘official’ map provides a rough overview:

London Flypast Route Map

Plotted over a street map, a few interesting viewing points emerge:

RAF100 flypast street map view

Public places that will probably offer good views include Lee Valley VELOPark, possibly the eastern end of Victoria Park, London Fields, Haggerston Park, and much of the South Bank, especially around Waterloo Bridge. (Or, book yourself into a high vantage point with panoramic views of London such as the Shard or the Sky Garden; but use our map to check you’ll be facing in the right direction!)

Either way, no need to hide under your desk. The end is not quite yet nigh…

Royal Air Force Flypast 100
Photo: Royal Air Force UK

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