This Questionable Kensington Flat Will Set You Back £150,000, And You Can’t Even Live There

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This Questionable Kensington Flat Will Set You Back £150,000, And You Can’t Even Live There

Oh, London…

There are bucket loads of reasons to love London, and we like to think you can find a lot of them on our homepage. But, like any city, we’d be telling barefaced lies if we pretended every single aspect was rosy, perfect, and without flaw. I think anyone would put their money on the most common complaint about London being the cost of living – if they had enough to spare after their monthly rent or mortgage payment, that is. Yes, the prices of houses are more than likely a Londoner’s biggest bug bear, particularly when the first of the month looms over like an insipid cloud. [Images: Douglas And Gordon].

Just when you think the property market in London couldn’t get any more mind-bogglingly broken, it throws us another bone – this time in the form of a Notting Hill studio flat. Much to chew on here, me thinks. For starters, the asking price is £150,000. Pftt, pocket change for a property in such a notoriously expensive borough, some might say. Even if it is just 79 square-feet, the crazy London market has increasingly forced people to live in a slightly-more cramped manner, right? Wrong. Take a look.

I sink I’d like a closer look at that bedside table…

Since you technically can’t live here (we’ll get to that), one can only assume the bed is for an afternoon nap as you take a break from work. Just don’t forget to let the hobs cool down before setting down your bedside glass of water. I guess the convenience of the short commute from bed to shower might have added some zeros onto the final price? Having never purchased a property myself, I’ll just take their word for it that that’s how it works.

From the photos, it also looks like the cupboard under the sink is the only storage space in the flat, and with little other room to add, I don’t know, a wardrobe or a desk, you may have to cut down on hoarding…

Still, a pretty nice view from the bed to the TV, I guess. Plus, you could even leave it on while you jump in the shower. Oh, and look! Coat hangers! Strike the previous comments about storage space from the record. If you did decide to make the leap and purchase a wardrobe, however, you’d be presented with the mother of all catch-22s. Will you sacrifice the light from the space’s single window, or block access to the front door?

Anyway, if you were to consider making the investment here, you’ll discover that the advert states the space cannot be used to live in, or to let out. Instead, they suggest that the £150,000 will go towards a “London bolt-hole or study-space”. Working from home has been the new normal for the past year and a half, but come on guys…

The Kensington “study space” is even operating on discount mode, after there were no takers for its previous listing of £250,000 last year. At least the location is pretty good, eh? Every cloud.

View the full listing of the property here.

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