The Queen’s Coronavirus Speech Is Now Being Illuminated On The Piccadilly Circus Billboards

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Queen's Speech

Piccadilly Circus has a new resident.

As you might have noticed, The Queen gave a speech to the nation on Sunday – and no, I’m afraid it’s not Christmas Day. Addressing the UK on the matter of coronavirus, Her Majesty delivered a well-received speech that urged us to come together, help others, and succeed in the struggle against the virus. Ending on the note that “we will meet again”, The Queen’s speech has quickly become an inspiring one for some UK residents – and now, the Piccadilly Circus billboards are reminding us of her words. (Featured image: @teo85alle)

Though few commuters are around to see the message, the billboards carry three messages, each excerpted from Her Majesty’s speech and accompanied by a picture of the monarch. The messages take up the entire board – with all the usual advertising subsiding whilst The Queen is on screen – and started appearing yesterday.

If you’re in the area (for a valid reason, of course), look out for the messages at 10am and 6pm every day from now until April 19th. And do heed her words: we will meet again…

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