London’s Beyoncé-Themed Drag Party Is The Best Thing You’ve Never Had

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Queen Bey

The Queen Bey Drag Party is so fierce, it’s almost Sasha Fierce.

We’re always excited to hear about a new themed party arriving in town, but this one’s got us Crazy In Love. The Queen Bey Drag Party arrives in London on June 1st, and we think it’s all set to Run the Love (or London, at the very least). Read on for more info, or grab your tickets here.

Queen Bey

Taking over Zebrano Bar in Soho, the Queen Bey Drag Party isn’t exactly a restrained affair. Of course, it starts tamely enough with a Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child-themed playlist (which goes very nicely with your free welcome drink), but as soon as your irrepressible host Vanity von Glow arrives, things will get a little wilder.

Queen Bey

Along with brilliant Beyoncé impersonator Cara Melle, they’ll be keeping you entertained with drag performances, lip sync contests, and a grand prize ceremony for the best Beyoncé-inspired outfit. (I can bet you now that someone’s going to turn up as a glass of lemonade…) Plus, your Fever ticket nets you a 50% discount on cocktails and 20% off food, so you can sidestep any hunger-induced Diva incidents…

Queen Bey

To round off your Bootylicious afternoon, the resident DJ will unleash the ultimate playlist of Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, and Kelly Rowland, to keep you dancing through the day. We know you’re Drunk In Love for this one, so grab your Halo and head along!

Find your tickets to the Queen Bey Drag Party here.

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