A Gin Martini Townhouse Filled With Pygmy Goats Is Coming To London

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It’s a case of Honey I Shrunk The Gins at the Gin Tini Martini Townhouse.

I’ll admit there’s quite a lot to pick through from that headline, so let’s take it slowly. What you need to know at this stage is that, as part of London Cocktail Week, Hendricks Gin are opening the Gin Tini Martini Townhouse, where everything is tiny. And yes, that includes the goats (we’ll get to them later).


Arriving in London on October 4th, the Gin Tini Martini Townhouse is a place of small mercies (literally). That starts with the drinks, which have all been given the ol’ shrink ray. Usually, smaller drinks is a bad thing in the humble opinion of Secret London, but the townhouse’s Tini Martinis are a) very cute, and b) being created by some of the world’s best bars.

For each day the townhouse is in London, two top bars will go head to head in a gin martini challenge. On opening night (Friday 4th October), New York‘s Nomad Bar and Singapore’s Manhattan Bar will face off, Saturday 5th sees Barcelona bar Two Schmucks take on Super Lyan of Amsterdam (run by inimitable Londoner Mr Lyan, whose creations you can try at Lyaness on the South Bank), and on Sunday 6th, it’s a showdown between Paris‘ Little Red Door and Panda & Sons of Edinburgh.


That is exactly the amount of gin we like to see, to be honest. Entertainment comes from music tinkled on tiny pianos, and – yes, I know you’ve been waiting – a trip of adorable pygmy goats housed in the townhouse’s petting zoo. They’re actually billed as ‘therapy goats’, and we all know that’s the best kind of therapy to be having. Plus, proceeds from the townhouse will be sent to Blackwater Alpacas, where the goats live when they’re not swanning around a gin-filled townhouse. (Side note: can we have some therapy alpacas as well please?). You would, frankly, be mad to miss out!

Find it at OneRoom, 9 French Place, E1 6JB – more info and tickets can be found here.

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