London’s Pop-Up Pug, Dachshund And Cockapoo Cafés Are Returning This Summer

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

Pug Cafe, Dachshund Cafe and Cockapoo Cafe are returning to London for a series of Summer of Love-themed events

We’ve never needed a good pug, dachshund and cockapoo cuddle as much as we do now.

Here in London, we love a good pop-up event, pupticularly if it involves dogs. And our friends at Pug Cafe are absolute legends at bringing pop-up puppy events to the capital. They’ve brought us pug cafés, pomeranian cafés, cockapoo cafés, frenchie cafés, and dachshund discos. During the pandemic, they even launched a virtual pug café to keep us afloat during tough times. This summer, Pug Cafe is finally returning to the city with a series of ‘Summer of Love’ pop-up events, bringing back the popular pug, dachshund and cockapoo cafés to Devonshire Terrace once more.

The Liverpool Street restaurant will host a series of pop-up dog café events, where both dog owners and dog lovers without pets can come along for food, cocktails, photo ops, and most importantly, plenty of puppy love. Gather in a room full of dogs waiting to be cuddled and played with, while you mingle with other pup-obsessed visitors.

There will be treats for everyone, with human food provided by Devonshire Terrace, and bakery dog treats and pupuccinos keeping our four-legged friends happy and well-fed. The event will make use of a large indoor and (weatherproof) outdoor space, with certain pandemic safety measures like sanitising and temperature checks still in place.

The Summer of Love event dates at Devonshire Terrace are as follows: Pug Café, July 4; Dachshund Café, July 8; Cockapoo Café, August 1. For tickets and more information, visit Pug Cafes website.

Did you know that the London Underground has been voted the world’s most dog-friendly transport network?

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