This Chilling Online Talk Will Explore The Psychology Of Serial Killers

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This Chilling Online Talk Will Explore The Psychology Of Serial Killers

Find out what makes a killer tick at this intriguing Psychology of Serial Killers talk.

Must be a scary place to be, inside the mind of a killer, right? For those with a stout heart and thirst for knowledge, that’s where Fever Talks are taking you, with a fascinating online talk about The Psychology of Serial Killers. It’s taking place on February 4 at 7pm, from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve always wanted to know what motivates a killer, you can find your tickets here!

Fever Talks

What drives people to kill, repeatedly and often ritualistically? Experts classify serial killers into several categories, including ‘lust killers’, ‘visionary killers’, and ‘killer couples’ – and here to guide you through all of them will be Dr Minna Lyons, an evolutionary behavioural scientist. Using case studies including the Son of Sam, the Moors Murderers, and the BTK Killer, she’ll be attempting to navigate you through the twisty maze of a serial killer’s mind, as well as the psychological phenomena surrounding serial killers.

Psychology of Serial Killers

Why do women fall in love with serial killers? How do serial killers develop a ‘shared psychosis’? And why exactly are you so keen to learn more about them? All the answers will be revealed, alongside fascinating tidbits including how forensic investigators identify victims, and how facial reconstructions are developed (yes, it’s maybe not one for those who struggle to sleep at night). Exciting, albeit gruesome, stuff!

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