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Printworks Will Reopen This Summer With Three Huge Club Nights

By Alex Landon

Printworks reopening.

Printworks is BACK!

Admittedly I left my clubbing days (mostly) back at uni, but even I’ve got to admit I’ve missed the clubs during lockdown. There’s just something so enticing about throwing yourself headlong into the hedonistic thrill of the dancefloor to shake off that lockdown ennui, isn’t there? Happily, we’ll get the chance to do just that this September, as Printworks has announced a reopening date. Their opening weekend will take place on September 17 – 19, with a new series of events codenamed Redacted, and it’s shaping up to be a big one. [Featured image: Jake Davis (fb.com/hungryvisuals)]

Club nights will return as part of the Printworks reopening.
Photo: Jake Davis (fb.com/hungryvisuals)

The concept for Redacted is simple, yet elegant. The Printworks reopening promises to put the focus “firmly on the music for a pure celebration of club culture”. That means no artists announced in advance, no social media, and no camera phones – just you, the music, and hundreds of other Londoners joyfully weeping at being allowed back in the clubs.

Though Printworks are keeping the participating artists under their hats until the night, they’ve released a few tantalising details about what you can expect. On Friday September 17, the ‘Late Night Movement’ programme will rely on “revered selectors and adventurous producers” to provide the opening night drops. Saturday sees dance music and house-laden grooves take centre stage for ‘To The Floor’, whilst Sunday’s ‘Low End Theories’ is turned over entirely to drum n bass, with a rotating lineup of MCs, B2Bs, and reloads.

Photo: Jake Davis (fb.com/hungryvisuals)

Printworks’ massive club is arguably the best possible venue to return to the floor this summer, and you’re in for the usual high-quality audio-visual production across the opening weekend. The stripped-back sessions offer a chance to just reconnect with the music: frankly, that’s exactly what we all need right now!

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