Princess Diana Will Be Honoured With A Blue Plaque Later This Year

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Princess Diana Will Be Honoured With A Blue Plaque Later This Year

A blue plaque commemorating the life of Princess Diana will be unveiled later this year.

English Heritage, a charity that manages historic monuments, buildings and places, has announced that Diana, Princess of Wales, will be honoured with a blue plaque in 2021 — the year that would have marked her 60th birthday.

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While the exact location remains a secret until later this year, the organisation has hinted that her plaque will mark one of the buildings associated with her life before marriage. Based on that information, it is speculated that the memorial plaque might be unveiled at Diana’s former West London flat in Earl’s Court, which she shared with two friends before marrying the Prince of Wales in 1981.

The gesture, which was nominated by the London Assembly, is meant to recognise the Princess’ vast philanthropic achievements and charity work: “We are expecting our plaque to Diana, Princess of Wales to be very popular. She was an inspiration and cultural icon to many, raising awareness of issues including landmines and homelessness, and helping to destigmatise illnesses such as HIV, leprosy and depression” said Anna Eavis, English Heritage’s Curatorial Director.

In an effort to address the gender imbalance during the blue plaque’s 150-year history, English Heritage has also planned to commemorate the lives and legacies of five other influential women this year, including scientist Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, social reformer Caroline Norton, designer Jean Muir, former slave and campaigner Ellen Craft and barrister Helena Normanton.

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