This Primary School Kid Is Hosting A Weekly Virtual Disco For His Classmates

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

This Primary School Kid Is Hosting A Weekly Virtual Disco For His Classmates

Because sometimes the best thing to do is boogie.

Absolute legend and mini radio DJ in the making, Sonny Tyler, has decided to host a virtual disco every week to cheer up all of his classmates in quarantine. The 7-year-old was inspired by the actions of his dad Terry, a DJ, who, after having his gigs cancelled, launched a load of Facebook Live parties for people to enjoy.

Looking to perk up the lockdown days of his school friends at Freshwaters Primary Academy, Sonny got his dad to teach him the tricks of the trade. Proud mum Katy said that DJing is ‘definitely not something he would have learnt without the shutdown’ but in no time at all, Sonny was hosting the hottest virtual disco in town.

Head teacher of the school, Jackie Diggle said: “As teachers, we always talk about making the curriculum more creative and this difficult period has given us and the children an opportunity to try something different. The next step will be to make sure we continue to be creative when we return to school and share our new skills.”

Sonny’s creative flare has definitely been a hit with his friends, as 87 of his classmates tuned into his virtual disco last week. Lots of parents from his school also shared videos of their kids dancing about the living room enjoying Sonny’s set.

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