A Pride Of Lions Have Popped Up In London’s West End

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

A Pride Of Lions Have Popped Up In London’s West End

Say hello to London’s Tusk Lion Trail.

If we told you a pride of lions was on the loose in central London, the first thing you’d probably do is frantically glance around to make sure the coast is clear. Never fret, these colourful lions that are out and about in the West End won’t be able to do any damage.

The Tusk Lion Trail has just popped up in London–as well as Edinburgh, Bristol and other cities worldwide–in support of African conservation. It follows on from the successful Rhino Tusk Trail worldwide in 2018. It is thought that the African lion population has dropped by 50% in the last 25 years, with few lions than rhinos in the wild.

These installations aim to celebrate the magnificence of the wild creatures, with 47 vibrant sculptures up worldwide. London now boasts 27 of these models, with designs coming from world-renowned names. These include Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood; fine art photographer, David Yarrow; artists Jake Chapman, Gavin Turk and David Mach; and actors Mathew Horne, Noel Fielding and John Cleese.

Each sculpture has been sponsored by a Tusk partner or supporter, and will sit outside iconic London landmarks. You can find each one by referencing this interactive Tusk map.

Following the display, the lions will be auctioned to raise funds in support of Tusk’s conservation mission. The previous Rhino Tusk Trial raised over £750,000. Find more information on the trail at the Tusk website.

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