This Lovely Book Lets You Colour In London’s Most Instagrammable Spots

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Pretty City London

Pretty City London are branching out into the art world.

Art has changed a lot over the years – once upon a time, if you happened upon a beautiful scene you wanted to remember, you’d have to plonk yourself down and spend an hour sketching it. Now, you can whip out your phone, add a filter and a witty caption, and have it Instagrammed in no time. Though these two approaches are miles apart, Siobhan Ferguson is bringing the two back together, with the release of Pretty City London: The Colouring Book.

Pretty City London
The thought process is simple: Ferguson knows London’s prettiest places well from her time running @prettycitylondon and @theprettycities, along with a lovely personal account, totalling some 900,000 followers. (Meanwhile, I can barely handle one admittedly mediocre account.) Plus, she already released a beautiful book exploring these places. So, knowing the Insta-worthy scenes around town, she tapped artist Lucy Hester to turn her best Instagram shots into pictures for you to colour in yourself.

Pretty City London
This is how Warren Mews looks in real life – but how will you colour it? Photo: @davideverri_

Featuring adorable mews, cute bakeries, and various other Insta-famous London spots, the colouring book is a charming new way to capture the city. Will you stay faithful to real life with pastel tones and careful observance? Or go off-piste with lurid colours and a blatant disregard for reality, turning the pictures into some sort of avant-garde pop art? The choice, friends, is entirely yours.

Pretty City London: The Colouring Book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for £9.52. 

Featured image: @liolaliola

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