Come Along To This 60’s Inspired Haunt For Some Perfect Pre-Theatre Cocktails

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Come Along To This 60’s Inspired Haunt For Some Perfect Pre-Theatre Cocktails

Disrepute takes the meaning of “hidden gem” to a whole new level.

Tucked away in Soho’s Kingly Street, this hideaway describes itself as a place “for luxury libations, high jinks & late night liaisons”. And if you’re looking for a sixties-inspired spot to enjoy a drink at the start of your night, it’s the place to be.

With retro interiors and jewel-coloured upholstery, Disrepute manages to encapsulate everything we’d pick for ourselves in terms of interiors, but with a team of expert mixologists thrown in for good measure.

To step up the suave-ness even more, Disrepute is actually technically a member’s only bar, but not in the traditional sense. Although you’ll find well-seasoned members there, the bar also offers walk ins and bookings from non-members. So there’s all of the class but none of the added cost.

Unsurprisingly, Disrepute is known for its cocktails, and they all come with a story. Their menu consists of only the finest picks, so no matter whether you’re feeling adventurous or want a classic cocktail you’ll find something delicious. Try the Grand Sidecar: the signature classic cocktail for Grand Marnier. Truly refreshing and perfectly balanced, the Grand Sidecar combines the citrus notes of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge bitter orange liqueur with the intensity of cognac.

At the bar, you can also ask for the Grand 75, a classic Champagne Cocktail with a refined twist of Orange and Cognac made up of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, lemon juice and topped up with Champagne. For a fresh taste, pick the Grand Tonic: featuring Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Fever Tree Lemon Tonic, an orange slice and raspberry garnish, it’s the perfect pairing for a night of culture.

This article was sponsored by Grand Marnier. 18+ only. Please drink responsibly. For all the facts, visit drinkaware.co.uk. Check out Grand Marnier on Instagram and grandmarnier.com.

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