Police Rescued A Tiny Injured Fox Cub In A London Park Over The Easter Weekend

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Police Rescued A Tiny Injured Fox Cub In A London Park Over The Easter Weekend

Here’s a lovely story to perk up your Wednesday.

Over the sunny bank holiday weekend, most of Police time was probably spent hurrying along the few rebels who seemingly forgot the lockdown regulations. (Featured Image: MPS Firearm Command, Twitter)

In any case, these rules do not apply to London wildlife. They still require all the help they need when they get into trouble. And into trouble this little fox got…

Thankfully, police officers made an exception to social distancing rules to help out this little guy. While the firearm department patrolled Burgess Park on Easter Sunday, they happened upon this stressed out, injured little fox cub.

The poor thing had a bite on its tail, which was thought to have come from a dog. The fox cub was alone and estimated to be just four-to-five weeks old. Luckily, they managed to rescue him, and even gave him the name “Bobby”.

He was then put in the care of The Fox Project, a service in Kent that look after red foxes like Bobby. Bobby has now joined a false litter where he has settled in very quickly. He is still taking antibiotics to prevent infection on his tail, but has joined the esteemed company of foxes like this little fella below!

We’re very glad to see he’s in the safest of hands, and has some new friends after being all alone!

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