Pizza Pilgrims Have Teamed Up With London’s Cheese Bar To Create A Fondue Pizza

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Pizza Pilgrims Have Teamed Up With London’s Cheese Bar To Create A Fondue Pizza

Get a slice of this creamy, crispy, cheesy creation.

If you love cheese and you love pizza then this fondue pizza is about to blow your mind. Infamous Neapolitan pizzeria group Pizza Pilgrims has teamed up with The Cheese Bar, London-based champions of British cheese, to create the ultimate ripping and dipping foodie delight.

After trading alongside each other for several years during their street food days, this pizza marks the first time The Cheese Bar and Pizza Pilgrims have come together to collaborate on a creation and we have to say, it looks pretty tasty.


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Following a cheese-filled research trip to The Cotswolds, in which both restaurants spent time tasting and hand picking a selection of their favourite British cheeses (um, dream job much?) they have finally cracked the code and created the perfect fondue.

Melting together sweet, nutty Cornish gouda with notoriously earthy Cotswold hard cheese, they have managed to create fondue so delicious you’ll be quite tempted to drink it. With a deep umami flavour and unrivalled silky texture, it’s truly indulgent. But how can you take something that indulgent to the next level? Well, inspired by the Georgian dish Khachapuri, the answer was simple: pour it on a pizza, obviously.


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Joining forces with soft Italian mozzarella—which has been melted in the oven alongside a splash of white wine and a little garlic—and the perfectly elastic dough of a Pizza Pilgrims’ base, the fondue-pizza was born. Topped with prosciutto, a balsamic pickled onion and cornichons, it manages to strike the perfect balance between tangy and creamy.

Tear the faultless pizza dough to pieces and use it to scoop up spoonfuls of the molten-gold fondue. A total taste sensation, we really can’t tell you how excited we are about this new creation.

So, from February 10 until March 1, we recommend you make some time to head to any Pizza Pilgrims branch and get your hands on the pièce de résistance of the pizza world.

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