This Pirate-Themed Cocktail Bar Sits On Board A 16th Century Ship

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Join a boozy treasure hunt aboard The Hidden Spirit.

Here’s a question: if you have a life-sized, fully seaworthy replica of a 16th-century galleon, what do you do with it? The answer is, of course, “turn it into a riverside cocktail bar, fill it with punters dressed as pirates, and hunt for treasure”. Welcome to The Hidden Spirit, London’s pirate-themed cocktail bar, where the drinks flow easily and even the softest of landlubbers will be a hardened seadog by the end of your adventure. Get yours ticket here, and be prepared to grab that booty (strictly the treasure kind)…

Photo: @thehiddenspiritlondon

Whereas The Golden Hinde once ferried Sir Francis Drake across the high seas, its full-sized replica now hosts drunk Londoners in tricorn hats. You’re welcomed aboard at the behest of renegade Captain Jack Cassidy, who has a thirst for gold and an unscrupulous crew (you) to help him get it. In your hour and forty-five minutes of cavorting, you’ll be attempting to steal the Governor’s treasure whilst sipping on three delicious themed cocktails – for a little bit of Dutch courage, you see.

Photo: @thehiddenspiritlondon

Naturally, you’ll be dressed for the occasion, with hats and other pirate garb handed out before you start your quest. This also means your use of the word ‘YARRRRR’ will increase by roughly 300%… It’s important to note that the ship can’t leave the dock – pirates aren’t to be trusted at the best of times, leave alone when they’re full of grog. The spirit of adventure is quite literal here, but mind you don’t end up shipwrecked!

Get your tickets to The Hidden Spirit here.

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