Finally There’s A Dating App Where Women Don’t Have To Give Their Details Away

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Finally There’s A Dating App Where Women Don’t Have To Give Their Details Away

Most of us have been there: standing on a packed Tube carriage trying to figure out if the guy whose armpit you’re pressed up into is the one you’ve been chatting to on a dating app.

Do you shield your eyes and focus heavily on your phone, or pluck up the courage to say hello IRL? Or, worse yet, wondering if you recognise the barman, who just served you and your date, from chatting away to him on a dating app previously.

And that’s not the only struggle when it comes to dating apps. Maybe you’ve seen your boss or co-workers online and had to weigh up which way to swipe to avoid offence (and keep your job).  


But now there’s a dating app where women can remain entirely anonymous. Pickable lets women be in charge with everything from uploading their photos and details to contacting men in the first place. It’s a win-win situation.

Women start by downloading the app and browsing anonymously. There’s no need to add any identifying details like a photo, bio or even a first name. It means there’s no chance of a potential matchee accidentally liking one of your Instagram photos from 2015 after he’s figured out who you are and where you’re from based on your profile.


Men start by creating a bio and a profile as usual. Women are able to browse through potential suitors and only have to send a photo to someone they’re interested in. Then, the man can choose whether to accept the photo and start a conversation, or skip and continue waiting to be picked again. With women in control, men simply have to sit back and wait until they’re messaged, while women can choose who and when they want to contact.


The other benefit of Pickable is that it’s faster than other dating apps. There’s no wasted time picking out the perfect selection of photos or crafting a hilarious-yet-captivating bio. Just browse through mens’ profiles until there’s someone you like the look of and take it from there.

Pickable is free on iOS and Android and can be downloaded here.