A Cavalcade Of Horrors Awaits You At This Subterranean Halloween Experience

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Those with triskaidekaphobia may want to avoid Phobophobia 13.

Well, looks like the weather isn’t the only thing that’ll be giving us chills this autumn. The London Bridge Experience are gearing up for Halloween, and they’re calling on the supernatural properties of the number 13 to do so with new experience Phobophobia 13. By which I mean they’ve rounded up the thirteen scariest, most twisted frights from their previous Halloween shows, herded them into the shadows – where they belong, of course – and turned out the lights. Now, you’re invited to go in for a look – and tickets are available here.

Phobophobia 13

You can go ahead and put me firmly in the NOPE column for this one, but if you’re made of sterner stuff, then there’s plenty to keep you on the edge of your seats/wetting your pants. Phobophobia 13 is promising “clowns, butchers, insects, living dolls, and doctors”; in other words, a veritable cornucopia of your worst nightmares grasping at you from darkened corners. Really, we’d expect nothing less from a place which holds the title of London’s top scare attraction.

Phobophobia 13

Unsurprisingly, this means Phobophobia 13 is suitable for those aged 16+, lest we murder sleep for an entire generation of impressionable youths. Think you’ve got the nerves to handle it? Phobophobia 13 runs on October 25th, 26th, 30th, and 31st, and November 1st & 2nd, which means you should be sleeping soundly again by around Christmas…

Phobophobia 13

Find your tickets to Phobophobia 13 here.

Please note: the show is intended to scare, terrify and unnerve guests. The experience will feature strobe lighting, loud noises, confined spaces, darkness and adult content; it is not recommended for pregnant women nor people with asthma or epilepsy. You have been warned…

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