Ben & Jerry’s Are Now Serving An Ice Cream Version Of Fish And Chips

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Phish and Chips

If you’re fishing for a sugar high, why not consider Phish & Chips?

The line between genius and madness is a very fine one, a line that ensnares even those with the best intentions. Currently treading this tricky path is Ben & Jerry’s Soho ice cream parlour – side note, did anyone else know London had a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlour, and why didn’t you tell me? – who’ve created an ice creamed riff on a national dish, called Phish & Chips.

Phish & Chips is essentially the same as the classic fish and chips, except instead of a golden, crispy battered fish, it’s a cornflake battered slice of Phish Food, which has apparently been fried (in defiance of the laws of gods and ice cream). I’m really not sure what witchcraft allowed them to fry ice cream, but I’ll roll with it.

Phish and Chips

Standing in as the chips are crunchy pretzel sticks, and because Ben & Jerry’s are nothing if not committed, there’s a number of rather extra sauces to complement the treat. A lemon jelly wedge adds some zing, raspberry ketchup is perfect for some chip-dunking action, and mascarpone tartar sauce just enhances the verisimilitude.

Purists may throw their toys out of the pram, but if it’s a stonking sugar high you’re after, then Phish & Chips is for you my friend. You can reel in this catch every Friday (or Fry-day, as they insist on calling it) from July 12th, until summer’s end. Happy phishing, everyone!

Find the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shot at 74 Wardour Street, W1F 0TE.

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