This Wonderfully Wacky Escape Room Will Take You Around The World In 80 Days

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Phileas Fogg

Follow the adventures of Phileas Fogg at this incredible escape room!

High speed air travel and modern technology has made the whole Around The World in 80 Days thing a cakewalk in 2019. But what if you could emulate the epic feat of Phileas Fogg without leaving London? Well, a new escape room will offer you the chance to do just that, so grab your Passepartout, follow the spirit of adventure, and register your interest here.

Phileas Fogg
All of this excitement, without leaving Camden.

Setting up in the heart of Camden Market’s historic stables, the escape room is a breathtaking sprint across the world, in which you’ll need to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles to make it to the next destination. As you work your way from Kolkata to Hong Kong to New York, you won’t just be using your wits to get by – in a rather delicious twist, you’ll also be using your senses of smell and taste to advance.

Phileas Fogg

Sadly, there’s no £20,000 reward for completing the trek, but a quirky themed bar will be on hand for you to toast your success with a well-earned cocktail. Really, it’s the least your deserve after your madcap dash across the globe!

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