Percy Pig Doughnuts Are A Thing And They Look Sweeeeeet

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Percy Pigs are the holy grail of all gelatine-based foods, and now they’re available in holey form.

Legendary Australian doughnut shop Doughnut Time have opened a few stores in London – including stores in Shoreditch and, most recently, Notting Hill – and, in an excellent nod to their new UK home, they’ve gone and put a Marks and Spencer favourite onto a delicious, doughy ring.

This iced, strawberry-glazed doughnut with strawberry buttercream, pink and silver sprinkles and, of course, a couple of Percy Pigs, is called the Notorious P.I.G. (obviously) and we are absolutely MAD for it.

Our advice? Get your hands on one quick, as their menu is ever-changing. So, find your nearest Doughnut Time store and go go go!


Feature image: @angiesilverspoon

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

Georgie is Deputy Editor at Secret London. She loves a trendy café and is all too familiar with the extortionate price of a coffee in the capital. She enjoys the finer things in life (like red wine on a school night and eating Ben and Jerry's straight from the tub) and hasn't quite grasped the concept of adulthood yet.