This Adorable Penguin Passed His Time In Isolation By Watching Pingu

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This Adorable Penguin Passed His Time In Isolation By Watching Pingu

What a way to spend the isolation!

Pierre the penguin right here has the correct idea. Who wouldn’t want to hear the comforting noises of Pingu while easing your way back to health?

Us humans have a thing for watching other humans on the TV screen, so it’s only logical that penguins would love to do the same. Perhaps we can get some Planet Earth segments to show Pierre once he’s binged Pingu?

Image: Perth Zoo

Pierre, an endangered rockhopper penguin from Perth zoo in Australia, has been recovering in isolation from a feather moulting condition. To cure his boredom and loneliness during his mini-lockdown, zookeepers fell upon a genius idea.

It seems Pierre, who is less than a year old, loved Pingu just as much as we seemed to when we were his age. Between this and penguin documentaries, he was having a ball during his quarantine. Safe to say it would have been useful to have this during our own lockdowns!

Poor Pierre was found washed on a beach and taken to Perth zoo to treat his feather issue. Thankfully, he’s clearly doing a lot better now, as per this video evidence! Apparently, he also enjoys watching videos of other rockhopper penguins from his friends overseas at Edinburgh and Kansas City zoos. Someone needs to tell him about the wonders of Zoom…

“What I have here is an iPad for our rockhopper penguin Pierre,” said a zookeeper to 7News. “Pierre is by himself in the vet department and does get a bit lonely at times, and to make his life a bit more enriching we’ve decided to get other rockhoppers online for him to watch.”

Happy Feet next up for Pierre?

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