“Parc De La Distance” Is An All-New Park Concept That Encourages Social Distancing

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

“Parc De La Distance” Is An All-New Park Concept That Encourages Social Distancing

A socially distant park sounds like the number one thing the planet needs now, right?

Well, that’s just what the doctor ordered and Vienna has listened. A newly designed project from Austrian company Studio Precht lets you wander around a maze of vegetation for 20-minutes. And the best part is you won’t bump into a single soul. “Parc De La Distance” would be the paradise of this uncertain world.

Yes, this maze is the perfect design drawn up for a pandemic. A broad open space open for users to walk around while keeping within the distance guidelines.

At the moment, this is just a concept, but it seems the perfect plan to deal with any future distancing needs. The labyrinthian park would have multiple entrances that allow people to walk around for 20 minutes without any random encounters. Each corridor of space would also have its own separate exit.

“Parc De La Distance” is designed on the basis of a human fingerprint. And, this conceptual aerial view below is a spectacular sight of the intricate detail that would go into such a commission.

Doors would indicate whether the corridor is occupied or not to maintain safety. Moreover, the height of the hedges would vary along the way. Studio Precht’s thinking behind this is so that walkers can surround themselves by nature and remain socially distance, while also being able to see their neighbours along the way.

A park of such magnitude would also, of course, be of great use after lockdowns have been completed. “Parc De La Distance” looks to be the perfect place to come and avoid the hectic nature of daily life. The Viennese concept would be a great spot for meditation, a sunlit walk or some nature-filled fresh air.

Studio Precht designed the spiral park to sit in the centre of Vienna. But, as of now, it remains uncommissioned. One of its designers, Chris Precht, said that, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that “we need more places to escape”.

“The centers of the cities should not be defined by their buildings but by the possibilities that allow us to escape to nature,” Precht continued. “Instead of banks, traffic, and office blocks, city centers should be redesigned around parks, wilderness areas, and plants. Lack of nature is a problem in many urban areas and I hope that the ‘Parc de la Distance’ can offer this escape route in more regions.”

Lockdown or no lockdown, this new kind of urban space looks a fascinating project. If approved, this will be on our list to visit once travel becomes accessible again.

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