Two Of The World’s Best Cocktail Bars Are Popping Up In Soho This Week

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Two Of The World’s Best Cocktail Bars Are Popping Up In Soho This Week

Try some of the most inventive cocktails in the world.

What could possibly be better than one of the world’s best cocktail bars popping up in the very heart of Soho? Two of the world’s best cocktail bars popping up in the very heart of Soho, that’s what. This week, for just four days each, the infamous Barcelona cocktail bars Paradiso and Dr Stravinsky are visiting the capital, and they come bearing some rather brilliant beverages.

First to hit the streets of London will be Paradiso; named the 20th best bar in the world, we guarantee they’ll quench your thirst in an extravagant and entirely inventive way. Usually hidden behind a refrigerator door in the acclaimed Pastrami Bar, this illusive little place is having a slight change of scenery with their move to the whopping 100 Wardour St.

From the 3rd to the 6th of March, you can taste an array of Giacomo Giannotti’s ingenious cocktail creations. But, be prepared, Parasido are pretty far from your usual happy hour menu. Set to make an appearance at their pop-up is the super-strong ‘Kriptonita’: a Gin washed with Shiso and Lemongrass, Dry Vermouth, Pomelo Cordial, Chocolate Bitter and Kaffir Lime.

Also on the menu is the equally complex, ‘Caribe Italiano’, which combines Guatemalan rum with Platano, Parmesan, Coconut Water Shrub, Fresh Raspberry and Arugula; for a lighter and sweeter taste. Undeniably weird, but genuinely wonderful, these crazy cocktails combine flavours in an impressively inventive way.

And, if you thought Paradiso’s offerings sounded pretty wacky, just wait until you hear what Dr Stravinsky are serving up a few days later… We imagine the man behind this place, Antonio Narajo, to be a bit of a mad scientist considering his concoctions are so kooky. Named as the 25th best bar in the world, Dr Stravinsky’s interiors reminds us of a little laboratory. Laden with bubbling bottles and half-full flask, potent potions and medicinal plants, just from walking into the bar you can tell that experimentation is the secret ingredient in these cocktails.

Setting up shop (lab) in Soho’s The Den, from the 5th-8th of March, Dr Stravinsky will be serving up some ridiculously unique refreshments for the parched people of London to try. From the ‘Soil Martini’ to the ‘Truffle Rosita’, the ‘Camp Nou’ to the ‘Remido’ you can expect to see ingredients like pine, lapsang tea, herbal syrup and spirits distilled in truffle on offer. The menu is a gold-mine of adventurous aromas and intriguing intoxications and we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you take that first sip.

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With the help of Artesana de Licors, a small distillery near Barcelona, Dr Stravinsky have even started producing their own spirits, so some of the mixes on their menu are literally one of a kind. Committed to being both self-sufficient and sustainable, these cocktails have a guilt-free aftertaste which we’re very fond of.

Whether you’re looking for something smokey and strong or fresh and fruity, these bars are bound to be serving something you’ve never heard, yet still hits just the right spot. They’re perfect for a little post-work-pick-me-up, so why not try something new this week?

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