Paddington Bear Has Appeared On Two New 50p Coins

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Paddington Bear

The Royal Mint have released two new Paddington Bear-inspired coins.

Okay, so the realities of living in London means cash-strapped millennials are more used to money being ripped out of their hands before they look at it, but soon enough, you’ll find a nice surprise if you chance to check out your 50p coins. The Royal Mint’s newest creation is two charming new coins which feature one of London’s favourite characters: Paddington Bear.

Entering circulation in the next few weeks, the two designs feature Paddington checking out the tourist attractions, with one depicting him outside St Paul’s Cathedral, and the other showing Paddington at the Tower of London. (Incidentally, ‘Paddington at the Tower’ was the name of a once-mooted, quickly-discarded Paddington story in which the plucky bear attempted to overthrow the monarchy and was quickly imprisoned in the dungeons.)


They join two other Paddington coins put into circulation last year (marking the bear’s 60th birthday), which show him at Buckingham Palace, and inside the station which gave him his name. Essentially, Paddington is #LivingMyBestLife but on coins instead of Instagram, which is a level of fame that today’s influencers can only dream of.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the coin, the Royal Mint offers souvenir samples on their website. They’re lovely, nostalgic, and a little less divisive than the other recently-proposed 50p coin, too – so keep your eyes peeled!

Featured image: Royal Mint

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