The London Cocktail Bar That Will Leave You With The Opposite Of A Hangover

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The London Cocktail Bar That Will Leave You With The Opposite Of A Hangover

This pop-up cocktail bar is serving oxygen-enriched drinks that will reduce fatigue and boost your immune system.

We’ll tell you straight up: these cocktails don’t contain alcohol. But they do contain a foamy substance that combines liquid and gaseous oxygen. And hey, why inhale oxygen when you can drink it? Am I right?!

The best thing about these oxygen cocktails is that you can have as many as you like and you’ll only feel better for it. Research has suggested that these cocktails—seriously fighting the urge to call them oxtails—can reduce fatigue and activate your metabolism. Once they reach your intestines, the oxygen from the drinks absorbs into the blood, where it stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and your immune system.

It’s said that they can have a positive impact on your sleep; your respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems; your cardiac and cerebral circulation; your blood sugar concentration; and—get this—they even facilitate optimal fetal development during pregnancy. Hook it to my veins!

London life can be pretty harmful to our bodies, let’s be honest. Pollution levels are shocking and we’re all ridiculously stressed, so perhaps this pop-up is just what we need to help us take a break and recharge our batteries.

Ah, a skull. The classic symbol of health…

It’s not all about the cocktails, either. There will also be aroma stations where you can breathe in all kinds of delicious, healthy, pollution-free air. Special shout out to the HEMP Oil station, which is proven to reduce pain, arthritis, inflammation of the joints and much more.

The Oxygen Cocktail & Aroma Experience will be at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre until May 31. Tickets cost £12 and includes an oxygen-enriched cocktail. Book your tickets here

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