The Oxford Vs Cambridge Goat Race Returns To London This Weekend

Oxford Cambridge Goat Race

Forget the Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race: this caprine alternative is a charming east London tradition.

Taking place at Spitalfields City Farm just off east London’s Brick Lane this Saturday, March 24, the Oxford Vs Cambridge Goat Race is a gentle sporting contest that’s hard to bleat.

Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race

While strapping poshos push themselves to the limits as they row the Thames in west London, animal-lovers will be reassured to know this race is rather more relaxing: essentially a nonchalant trot in pursuit of a bucket of delicious slops. Even the crowd keep things to a hush so as not to befuddle the wee beasties.

Naturally, there’ll be plenty of other festivities around the race proper, with beer, music and vegetable-trophy-making some of the activities on offer. (Perhaps the ‘Goataoke’ from 2017 will make a return?)

Goat Race London

Tickets are £15 for adults, which goes towards supporting the local work of the farm, while children can happily attend for free. Doors open at midday; the race is likely to be around 4pm.

Visit their official Facebook page for more information, or see more places to see cute animals in London.

Feature Image: Ben Mason

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