East London’s Fabulous Night Market Is Back This Weekend

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Oval Night Market

Oval Night Market is ready to make their mark(et) on the capital once more.

We’ll admit it, sometimes we’re guilty of throwing covetous looks over at our New York brethren. What with their cheap subway fares, beautiful High Line, and sinfully good pizza, there’s a lot to be jealous of – but for one weekend, we can strike their famous night markets from that last. That’s because London is getting its own version once more, with a new outing of the Oval Night Market due to arrive on June 25 & 26.

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Oval Night Market

Have rocked up to a warm reception in 2019 and again in 2020, Oval Night Market is back for what they’re describing as “a day-and-night alfresco get together”. Which sounds right up our street, TBH. Set amongst the imposing gasworks of Cambridge Heath, Oval Night Market is named for The Oval of east London, rather than the venerable cricket ground south of the river. With the street parties of New York taken as inspiration, the market will temporarily pedestrianise The Oval for the evenings it runs – replacing traffic with street food, craft bars, live DJs, all without paying a penny to enter.

Oval Night Market

Though it popped up for four weekends in 2019, Oval Night Market have only pencilled in a June sojourn in 2021 (we can always hope for more though!). You’ll be able to grab street eats from Indonesia joint Makatcha and the cult Yorkshire pudding wraps from Yorkshire Burrito, amongst others, whilst street party vibes will abound throughout. Expect to see local arts and crafts given a prominent spot; jewellery, art prints, homeware, and clothing can all be picked up from local makers.

Oval Night Market

All this, plus a mountain of food and bevs – who needs New York, eh?*

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* We still do, of course. Like we’d turn down a trip to New York…

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