17 Brilliant Online Experiences For You To Try During Lockdown

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17 Brilliant Online Experiences For You To Try During Lockdown

Stave off the boredom with this wonderful array of online experiences.

Right, the third time around, we’re surely dab hands at a lockdown by now? No aimless doomscrolling or flicking through the TV channels, right? Hmm, if you’re still struggling for something a little different to shake off the ennui, then these online experiences can certainly help. Spanning interesting talks, puzzling escape rooms, and even virtual murder mysteries, these events will bring you and the gang together online – regardless of how far apart you are in real life. And best of all, you don’t need to leave your PJs to complete them! Check out our favourite online experiences below.

1. Whip up a batch of delicious pasteis de nata

Custard tart workshop

In my humble opinion, Portugal’s famous custard tarts can go toe-to-toe with any dessert on the planet and emerge triumphant, and if you feel as strongly about this as I do, then our friends at Fever have got the perfect activity lined up for you. This online custard tart workshop will have your sweet tooth thanking you for weeks to come, so grab your tickets here to take part.

2. Take a trip into the psychology of serial killers

Fever Talks

Must be a scary place to be, inside the mind of a killer, right? For those with a stout heart and thirst for knowledge, that’s where Fever Talks are taking you, with a fascinating online talk about The Psychology of Serial Killers. If you’ve always wanted to know what motivates a killer, you can find your tickets here!

3. Groove your way through a Disco Yoga class

Disco Yoga

Disco is back in a big way and it’s infiltrated the world of yoga! A pair of sweats and a t-shirt is all you’ll need; the music and movement will soon put you mind at ease as you lose yourself in the grooviest exercise class in town. Find your tickets here.

4. Entrap a blackmail suspect at an online interrogation

Online experiences

The evidence is on your side, and you can prove the motive easily enough. But now, you’ll have just 24 hours to bring a blackmail suspect to justice, by using your interrogative nous and keeping your head. Tickets can be found here.

5. Embrace your inner Sherlock to solve this gripping murder mystery

Sherlock Murder Mystery

No matter how far from ideal your lockdown situation might be, just be thankful that no-one’s added murder to your problems. Sadly, that’s the case in Murder Mystery Online: Sherlock and the Palace Assassin, which invites you to interrogate suspects and unmask the killer. Pick up your tickets here.

6. Turn your flat into a wine bar with a sustainable wine tasting

Borough Wines

Whether you’d like to be a little more informed about the vintages you’ve been drinking all these years, or you’d just like another reason to drink your way through lockdown, these Borough Wines tasting sessions are perfect for you. Each session will explore delicious sustainable wines of different nationalities and varieties, all of which have been responsibly sourced. Tickets can be found here.

7. Shimmy and shake your way through a round of Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo

Disco isn’t dead, and neither is bingo. In fact, the two have teamed up for an epic night of groovy tunes and spirited competition at Disco Bingo, which takes your grandma’s game, puts it online, and adds singing, dancing, and all kinds of madcap fun. Sounds like a hoot, right? Grab your tickets here to take part!

8. See how modern art responds to contemporary politics

Online experiences

As I’m sure you’re aware, politics is a messy business in the UK and US these days. However, one upside of this is the powerful art created to respond to political upheaval, from Banksy to Kehinde Wiley – and this engaging talk will help you appreciate it from the comfort of your home. Grab yourself some tickets here.

9. Dive into the mind of a psychopath

It’s a chilling place to be, no doubt, but an endlessly fascinating one nonetheless. Drawing on neuroscience and fictional and real-life examples, an expert lecturer will guide you through the world of psychopaths – and even explain why they’re necessary in society! Grab your tickets here.

10. Decide a man’s fate at this gripping trial experience

12 Angry Guests

Right friends, I think you’ve watched enough true crime documentaries and crime procedurals to start meting out your own justice. Luckily, your chance has arrived with the online jury experience 12 Angry Guests, a gripping virtual game that invites you to weigh the evidence, listen to eyewitness statements, and decide whether a man is guilty of the murder he’s been accused of. Find tickets here.

11. Join Drag Race star Charlie Hides for a sassy bingo night

Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Charlie Hides has taken their show online to provide solace to those of us staying at home throughout those dreary November nights. You can expect some outrageously diva performances between bingo rounds—and you’ll be up on your feet in no time! Tickets are on sale here.

12. Discover lucky numbers and colours at this fascinating lecture

Online experiences

Three might be the magic number according to De La Soul, but numbers and colours have significant meaning in Chinese culture. If you’re ever wondered why the number 8 is so auspicious in China, or why red envelopes are handed out during special occasions, this is the lecture for you. Get your tickets here.

13. Conduct paranormal experiments to see if your home is haunted

Online experiences

Home is usually the safest place to be during a pandemic, but when you’re trying to commune with the paranormal, I’m not so sure. This online experience gives you six experiments to conduct at home, with 67% of people reporting some form of unexplained activity. Did I mention it takes place in the dark? Tickets are here.

14. Hunt down a magic lamp with this exciting online game

The Wonder Cave

Magic and mystery combine at virtual escape room experience The Wonder Cave, where you’ll need wits and bravery to overcome every challenge put in front of you and escape with an incredible prize. Tickets can be found here.

15. Become a secret agent in this gripping escape room experience

Online experiences

The days of Bond-like spies are coming to an end, so it’s good preparation to take on an evil corporation and uncover evil deeds from your pyjamas. The Pegasus Project is a plan cloaked in mystery, and it’s up to you and your teammates to uncover what’s going on. Tickets are available here.

16. Gather round for a spooky storytelling session

Online experiences

Feeling a chill? Could be the winter cold, of course, but it might also be the shivers you’re feeling after hearing the tales of haunted prisons across the US, UK, and Australia. It’s bone-chilling stuff, and your tickets are available here.

17. Tackle a cocktail-themed escape room

Online experiences

My favourite kind of escape room, to be honest! High-level espionage, undercover moles, and killer cocktails are all involved in this 90-minute adventure, which can be enjoyed with friends and family from around the world. Snap some tickets up here.

You can find even more excellent experiences from home here.

All our events are recommended by editors. Tickets purchased through Fever may earn Secret London commission.

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