Learn How To Craft Delicious Dumplings With This Online Masterclass

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Online dumpling masterclass

No need to be down in the dumps, for you can be down in the dumplings instead with this brilliant online class!

If there’s a problem in this world that can’t be solved with delicious dumplings, we’re yet to find it. Especially when said dumplings are the fruits of your labour, lovingly hand-crafted and cooked under the tutelage of culinary professionals. That’s just what’s on offer at this brilliant cooking class, where you’ll be rolling, shaping, and steaming the finest dumplings west of Shanghai in no time. Grab your tickets here, and read on for more info.

Online dumpling masterclass

On the menu for this dumpling masterclass are melt-in-the-mouth pork and chive jiaozi for the meat-eaters, and shiitake mushroom and tofu jiaozi for the vegans amongst you. The class will be led by kitchen whizzes the Dinner Ladies, who’ve turned their smashing supperclub business into a lovely food delivery service during lockdown. They’re taking some time out of their busy schedule to teach you everything you need to know about dumplings, and we can’t wait to get started.

Online dumpling masterclass

Because humans can’t live on dumplings alone (regrettably), the Dinner Ladies will be showing you how to make a delicious second course: spicy aubergine stuffed with pork (veggies have the option to make it without pork). It’s one of the team’s favourite dishes from their extensive travels in China, and is certain to make you the most popular member of your house. The online cooking class also features a prize for the best dumplings, which stirs those competitive instincts nicely too – so it’s time to go crazy for jiaozi!

Find your tickets to the online dumpling masterclass here.

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