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Roof terrace

One New Change’s gorgeous roof terrace is perfect for a romantic date.

Looking to stir up a little summer romance? Take your date to One New Change’s glorious roof terrace, and let this wonderful spot work its magic. This roof terrace, in case you didn’t know, is where you’ll find this drop-dead, stone-cold gorgeous view of St Paul’s Cathedral, the one you’ve seen floating around Instagram and lifestyle blogs. You know, this one:

Roof terrace
Photo: @thediaryofanomad

Ahhh, yes. One look at that dreamy view, and your paramour will be enchanted both with it, and yourself. One New Change’s terrace is open from sunrise to midnight, so you can catch it looking pretty at all times of day. Here it is, resplendent in the evening sun.

Roof terrace
Photo: @london.little.magic

And when night falls, the lights of St Paul’s take over, and the terrace becomes even more magical.

Roof terrace
Photo: @twoworldsinside

St Paul’s is the star of the show here, both from above and below. If you’re down at ground level, you can catch another dramatic shot of it, framed between the shopfronts of One New Change. It’s not the only landmark on offer here though, as a look south gives you a rather lovely view of The Shard.

Roof terrace
Photo: @mutinyonthebounty

Just peachy. Handily, the roof terrace is overlooked by Madison’s Restaurant & Bar, so you can enjoy these vistas with a drink in hand. Or, go all out to impress, and book a table to sample the London skyline with a side of wood-fired cooking, straight from the grill.

Roof terrace
Photo: @davieg8

On any given day, One New Change’s roof terrace has charms enough. However, it gets even better when they run yoga classes, or Luna Cinema pops up with film screenings, or they elect to screen Wimbledon on the big screens. To name just a few examples of the events they run here. Of course, the only problem with a film screening up here is that those views are going to totally steal focus…

Location: .Opening hours: 6am-midnight, seven days a week.
Entry: Free! Find more free things to do in London.
More information: on their website.

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Featured image: @philipp_pley

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